Tango Lessons

Tango Lessons

Tango, a central part of our culture, is recognized and danced all over the world, and has also been declared “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO.

We invite you all to discover this fascinating dance and its unique charm. Learn about the Tango embrace, the trademark steps, moves and the many reasons why people fall in love with this traditional dance around the world, all this in one and a half hour classes.


We will work on the basic structure of tango:

  • Musicality (Concerning musicality, rhythm, timing, breaks)

  • Walks

  • Embrace



Lesson development:

  • Warm up and stretching
  • Weight recognition in space
  • Individual walks (footfall, postures, weight change and balance)
  • Walk in tango time and in the direction of the track
  • Explanation of the 8 basic steps of tango alone and in pairs (pivot forward and pivot back, weight passage)

Then we will form pairs

  • We will work on communication from the hug, starting with an open hug and then working with a closed hug.


After a time of experiences in the milongas, we will work in depth on the hug, the footfall and movements of greater difficulty, trying to correct the bad habits that could appear during the learning process.


Lesson development:

  • Warm up and stretching
  • Weight recognition in space
  • Walks in pairs (projection and intensity in the step, posture in the hug)
  • Development of a sequence of steps (incorporation of new movements for the milonga)
  • Decorations (sacadas, barridas, ganchos and firuletes)


The Cirquetango company is a circus company that adopted the language of tango as a tool for artistic expression.

Currently he continues to study and practice tango privately and in milongas.

Through our experience in festivals and theaters, we meet many artists who, like us, want to include the language of tango.

That is why, through our experience, we offer “fantasy” tango workshops for professionals in different areas.

The program is adaptable to the needs and demands of those interested.


If you want to live the experience, improve your dance or incorporate the language of tango, you can request information and costs at the following email:

info@cirquetango.com / cirquetango@gmail.com