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Workshops – Bologna, Italy

Impianto CUS Record Via del Pilastro 8, Bologna

14 April, 2018-7:00 am - 15 April, 2018-9:00 am SEMINAR of Trapeze and Tapes Organized by: Gaby Corbo Teather: Impianto CUS Record and CUSB From

Workshop – Munich, Germany

MUCCA31 Schwere-Reiter-Straße 2, Múnich

MUCCA (Munich Center of Community Arts),  Different training techniques. Specific movements of the straps, using Dance and Acrobatic techniques. We will try to approach the exercises looking to combine virtuosity with expressiveness. We will work with aerial straps techniques in 3 levels: * flights, turns and departures of the straps * Static figures and acrobatic […]

Tango Day

Casa de la cultura Namur Avenue Fernand Golenvaux 18, Namur

"Delta"  Province of Namur, Tango lesson and show en Belgique.